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The company has over four decades of history. Founded in 1966, the company's main activities during the first years were agricultural in nature. These activities steadily expanded to include ventures in the emerging tourism industry, such as excavating for new hotels, building new streets and setting up related services, alongside other activities.

There are three major phases in the history and evolution of Melchor Mascaró:

  • In 1975 the company took a major internal step by forming the current legal entity, Melchor Mascaró SA. At that time the company had some 90 employees.

  • The 1980's was the decade of greatest growth for the company and was when it became a real reference point for public construction work in the Balearic Islands. Today, the company logo appears on most of the major building projects commissioned by the Balearic local government.
  • In the 1990's the company decided to open new lines of business, venturing into the service sector and initiating projects such as garden maintenance, water filtration and motorways. As a result of these ventures the company was granted contracts for street cleaning, refuse collection, building maintenance and other services. Nowadays, there are more than 800 employees working for the Melchor Mascaró group.

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