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Melchor Mascaro, SSC and companies that make up the group, began operation in the services sector more than 25 years ago. Today it has a wide presence in the Balearic market, being one of the most important companies in this sector.

Nowadays, some of the developed services include:

  • Industrial Laundry.
  • Management of the “NHSD Logistics“.
  • Management and custody of the clinical files.
  • Etc.

In our laundry we cover: washing and finishing garments as well as transport, delivery and distribution to any point of the island of Mallorca.


In 2010, we proceeded to build and start in the laundry business sector. During all these years we have managed to surround ourselves with the best professionals and partners, accumulating knowledge and experience that allow us, today, to address modern services and the best quality for all our customers.

At this time the customer bases year after year has increased.


All our industrial machinery -recently acquired- is designed to respond to any trouble, ensuring the service we provide to our customers, through the duplicity of essential components in the facility, in addition to preventive and corrective maintenance that is performed by our qualified staff throughout the year.

All the machinery we have installed in the laundry, is prepared to work 20 hours a day without interruption, thanks to the team of preventive and corrective maintenance at the facility during the entire production time. We also have a spareparts warehouse in Ca’n Valero. What guarantees (except in cases of force majeure) the continuity of the washing process.

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