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Nuestra misiónOur mission

Melchor Mascaró is a construction company and provider of related construction services. We are characterised by our ability to carry out large-scale projects while remaining accessible to clients and ensuring their involvement in all the initiatives we undertake.

When we carry out a project, our main objective is responsibility towards clients, suppliers and employees.

Those we serve recognise us for our contribution to responsible development, our highly regarded work and our commitment to ensuring a profitable relationship for the company and for our clients. In this way we aim to continue to be a point of reference in everything we do, and remain faithful to our style and our values.

Nuestra misiónOur values

At Melchor Mascaró we are committed to our clients and to satisfying their demands. In order to do this, we carefully take into account our employees' needs. The main benefactor at the end of the process is society in general, who we have served for over four decades. This has been possible because we are accessible, respectful and mindful of two basic values: honesty and professionalism.

A further principle that characterises us is sustainability. The company contributes to the wellbeing and development of society in the Balearic Islands by offering modern infrastructure and guaranteeing its future maintenance. With commitment and passion we continually seek out innovative alternatives that are respectful of the environment.

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