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Melchor Mascaró
Corporate social responsibility

Melchor Mascaró is a socially responsible company, as can be seen in its day-to-day activities and its initiatives at all levels.

The company demonstrates responsibility towards its employees by allowing them to grow personally through their work. Melchor Mascaró supports people with social difficulties. In the company, all employees have their own space to carry out their work.

Melchor Mascaró also takes care
of its providers and collaborators. Those who are used to working with the company know that even when our workload drops, the company always endeavours to maintain its providers. The company is responsible and fulfils all its commitments. It is loyal to the companies that it works with and makes efforts to continue improving and growing together.

The company is responsible towards society and collaborates in order to give back to society part of what it receives. It does this in four ways:

  • Helping with cultural events.
  • Collaborating with the different local corporations in the promotion of its activities, particularly fairs and social events that are promoted using advertisements in different media.
  • Sponsoring sportspeople at school level and also in national competitions for different sports.
  • Aiding non-profit organisations that work with those in need.

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